Greg Zynda I joined the Life Sciences department at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in 2014. If you have run bioinformatics code or software containers on TACC systems, you have probably interacted with me. Most recently, I have been proud to help the Meyers Lab optimize their epidemiological simulation code, develop and support the machine learning stack on Longhorn, and automate the deployment of bioinformatics tools on all TACC systems. Before coming to TACC, I was an intern for Zhaoshi Jiang at Genentech, where I performed exploratory analysis of gene fusions and pathogens in human cancer cell lines.

I earned my PhD in Informatics from Indiana University, where I consulted with biology labs in their sequencing center. This experience exposed me to diverse types of data, including epigenetic, and inspired my dissertation: "Combining DNA Methylation with Deep Learning Improves Sensitivity and Accuracy of Eukaryotic Genome Annotation."